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Real Estate Auction Services

Real Estate Auction Services

Part of being a truly one-stop-shopping company, the Auction Method of Marketing offers a very viable alternative to the REALTOR® and the consumer in the sale of real estate and / or personal property. Whether it be a home, estate, vacant land, farm, farm equipment, restaurant, business equipment, antiques, collectibles, or household items, the Auction Method of Marketing can be formulated to meet the individual consumer’s needs.

The Auction Method of Marketing is a complete service tailored to your individual needs. We offer traditional real estate auctions as well as online auctions. Some of the advantages of the Auction Method of Marketing are:

  • Maximum exposure of the property.
  • Attracts most qualified and highly motivated buyers.
  • No ceiling price to interfere with what buyers would pay.
  • Seller controls when property will sell.
  • Sellers can set goals and plan the future, converting real estate or personal property to cash quickly.
  • Competitive bidding realizes maximum prices.
  • Fairest marketing method because all have an equal opportunity.

Cutler Real Estate is proud to partner with Kaufman Auctions to assist you with your real estate auction needs. Contact us to find out if the Auction Method of Marketing is right for you.